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April 20, 2009 Vietnam Four years after Nixon entered the white house did US enter war The war intensified the visions already present in American society o Visions not necessarily partisan, ex. Anti war views from republicans and democrats Politics of 1970s, 80s Liberal ideology attacked by environmental movement, civil rights, etc. o Critique by various groups, many of its core assumptions no longer embraced by many Americans o So incoherent by 1970s, became easy to mock liberalism as a credo of tax and spend 1960s- conservative ideology began to gain traction with many of Americans Consumption of the late 20 th century Engine of American economic growth, synonymous with the American dream Liberal had endorsed and promoted consumption during the New Deal to enable Americans to have the opportunity to participate in consumption
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Unformatted text preview: • Early 1970s- stagnate personal incomes • Increased marketing for first time since 60s • Crucial contributions that women made to income cant in • 20 th century liberalism laid in foundation of economic growth o 1970s-US economy stalled o People began identifying taxes as their principal weights holding down America Conservatives said that these taxes not only robbed them from prosperity, American state rather than solving problems, was a self perpetuated bureaucracy • More and more Americans worked in the service economy o Steady decline in manufacturing and industrial work and a steady increase in service sect o Many service workers are self employed, or small business o Percentage of Americans experiencing regulatory power of state also increases now...
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