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April 6 - April 6, 2009 War on Poverty (liberalism 1960s)...

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April 6, 2009 War on Poverty (liberalism 1960s) - Liberalists want to vanquish poverty, wanted to eradicate it without destabilizing political institutions, didn’t want wrenching on war on poverty, wanted to provide access to opportunity and then they will take advantage of it and won’t be poor anymore o Didn’t acknowledge deep structural forces/cultural explanations for poverty. - Liberalist’s principle way was Economic Opportunity Act- classic examples of liberals trying to split the difference to satisfy liberal continuances, created plans to elevate opportunity to jobs, education and housing, organization that takes control of local resources and buildings on them. o Johnson argued that EOA programs, called Community Action Programs (CAP), rested upon “the fact that local citizens best understand their own problems and know best how to deal with their own problems” make resources available - Problems: In trench political elites, bureaucrats, etc, did not like their power taken away o Made political allies with their programs instead of electing new people o Began to call for new ways of distributing political power happened too (militants) Johnson administration had to decide who to side with- militants shaking things up or try to funnel money through existing political networks Quickly sided with political and local interests, rather than the poor people themselves, threw support behind prepackaged programs, devised in federal bureaucracy and then applied throughout the country - Programs- Head start: originally had radical origins, good program, militant radical
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April 6 - April 6, 2009 War on Poverty (liberalism 1960s)...

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