April 8

April 8 - April 8, 2009 New left and counter culture...

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April 8 , 2009 New left and counter culture relentlessly attacking liberals for spinelessness. Liberals in 1960s had promised America to fix problems, harmonious society, etc o however Chicago in 1968 – showed many Americans to not be harmonious Democratic Convention of 1965? (missed some notes in first five minutes about new left-1960s and 70s) Civil Rights Movement Posed challenge to values held by white and black Americans, this was a struggle for racial equality. After WWII, single most important transformation in American domestic life in last half century consequences : dramatic increase in number of Americans who could vote, the end of legalized racial discrimination to the extent that it still occurred would be considered illegal (before 1965- it was legal and commonplace), brought an end to virtually all firms of overt segregation in housing, education, employment, etc. o for a society that for at least a century (1890-1960), organized around separating people on basis of skin color, these are dramatic changes this movement provided inspiration and a model for all social justice movements in last half century o (student movement, antiwar movement, feminist movement, movement for native
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April 8 - April 8, 2009 New left and counter culture...

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