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April 13 - April 13, 2009 1) Civil Rights Movement 2)...

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April 13, 2009 1) Civil Rights Movement 2) Vietnam War Politics of the 1960s Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party attempt to displace with segregation o This was for civil rights activists example of liberal seeming Urban riots o First significant number happened in 1964, weeks after Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights act of 1964, he immediately understood that these riots would prove a real problem Coalition of conservatives sure to point out these riots as evidence that Johnson and his program driving the nation were bad Not having a Great Society, used to attack o August 1965- after a white policeman harassed a black motorist, four days of rioting in LA, Watch Riot? Led to considerable devastation, national guardsman had to go to LA and control order African Americans actually taking up violence, here were AA engaged in violent riot and destruction of property o 1964-1969, so many riots throughout country, summertime, it was expected, Americans tried to make sense of this pattern of urban unrest Conservatives concluded that it was a manifestation of burgeoning revolutionary violence They had been weary for almost two decades that the US was threatened by internal subversion o Riots were evidence of this Radicals looked upon this unrest that the revolution had began Seemed to agree with conservatives on this idea Johnson administration said it was isolated trouble makers, can be solved by creating Great Society to ameliorate these troubles Two pronged approach- furthered the cynicism and skepticism of Johnson administration and liberal agenda by civil rights activists Maintenance of law and order
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April 13 - April 13, 2009 1) Civil Rights Movement 2)...

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