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University of North Carolina Spring 2008 History 128, Section 006 Midterm Exam IDS Answer two (2) of the following. Each Id is worth 20% of your exam grade . 1) 14th Amendment 2) The Great Uprising of 1877 3) The Dawes Act 4) Jane Adams and Hull House 5) Woodrow Wilson's 14 points ESSAY Answer one of the following questions. The essay portion of the exam is worth 60% of your exam grade. Please begin with a thesis paragraph that does not simply restate the question. Strive to write a coherent essay with a clear argument that addresses all of the components of the question. Avoid writing an essay that is simply a series of loosely connected short answers. Use specific examples whenever appropriate. Avoid unsubstantiated and sweeping generalizations. Please write in complete sentences. 1) Some observers contend that during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries an
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Unformatted text preview: expanding and maturing consumer society developed in the United States. Previous generations of Americans had purchased goods and participated in the marketplace as consumers. What, then, was new about the consumerism of the late nineteenth end early twentieth centuries? Was the consumerism of the era different in scale, kind. or both from previous patterns of consumption in the United States? 2) Over the course of the three quarters of a century after the Civil War, state power -- both at the state and federal level -- increased. Especially striking to many Americans was the increase in federal power. Discuss one or two examples of the expansion of federal power and/or of the limits of the expansion of federal power. You may use an example from any period between 1865 and 1940. Please be specific in your discussion....
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