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notes from april - ? 1930s ? ? ? ? feel safe ? 1940s IDEAS...

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? 1930s - 1940s IDEAS that would shape postwar America - foreign policy ? Elected in 1932 to see what he could do about the depression (FDR) ? Pacific and Atlantic Ocean protected America ? 1930s - nobody could strike them from the air ? WWI - major disappointment; Wilson's decision to participate didn't make Americans feel safe ? Late 1930s new dealers found strategic interpretation of the world § Vision of the World (foundation for the Cold War) ? France to Korea; if somebody conquered this portion of land they will take over the worlds most valuable resources ? Drastic reorientation of resources ? Fell under the control by a group that was hostile towards the United States ? Threats by Japan ? WWII - US and USSR went against each other ? 1941 - Pearl Harbor ? The US entered war in 1942, by 1944 it was clear that the allies were going to win the war ? Henry Luce ® Founder and publisher of TIME and LIFE magazine ? Atlantic Charter ® No nation should control another ® Idealism and naturalistic self confidence ® None of the American nation had suffered NOTHING but ? Wendal Wilkey ? What could preserve peace during the peace ? Before and after WWII?.things that started the Cold War ? Late 40s and 1950s - enjoy the fruits of capitalism ? Depression MIGHT start again ? WWII - spread of affluence on a scale unprecedent on American history § Period of time of upward mobility that held out the promise that maybe all Americans would participate § 1945 - 1960 (15 yrs after WWII) - GNP increased by 250%; per capita income rose by 35% § Golden Age of American Affluence § 20% of Americas pop. Lived below poverty line during this time § More than 60% of Americans joined middle class in 1950s - became a nation of middle class ppl § American that came into existence after WWII § Postwar bonanza of postwar goods § 1945 - baby boom generation - generation of consumers working its way thru society § Growing contentment ? Assumptions about the future of America ® US was becoming a more homogenous society ? Society that would be free from social conflict ? Between labor and capital ? Between ethnic and bold line Americans ® Economic problems would be solved ® US entered new era - age of consensus ? Assumptions ? Achieved full employment and increase in productivity } Solved unemployment ? Increased productivity } Economy working at full production could solve any problem } Ex: recession, depression } Could use taxation, gov't spending, fiscal policy and solve these issues and produce a rising standard of living for every american } Americans lived in a society where economy was static, the only way to maintain is to take away someone else's static condition ? Equilibrium between gov't, business, and labor ® Shift of Americans to the suburbs ? 1st suburb built after WWII in Long Island, NY ? Republicans ? Northeastern elites
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notes from april - ? 1930s ? ? ? ? feel safe ? 1940s IDEAS...

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