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april 14 - Title IX – removed legal barriers gave...

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April 14, 2009 Gender Equity Title IX- part of educational amendments on 1972 Sports are an educational activity “no person shall be discriminated on based on gender…” Federal funding- income tax, military, research In the 1970s- 1% dental school students are women, 7% med, 7% law until Title IX Why sports? Funding, publicity, money for the school, don’t compete together, classroom proved similar not in sports, cultural values Benefits and burdens 1) What is goal you want to achieve 2) Where are we 3) Explanation/analysis 4) Means to go from two to one Compliance 1) Proportionality test 2) Historical expansion 3) Interest test Everyone has a right to participate in sports, just like right to education
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Unformatted text preview: Title IX – removed legal barriers, gave opportunity Two kinds of rights- negative and positive every right has a corresponding duty Positive- someone must provide access for you to participate Janice Moulton (wrote book?)-because education is same as sports, treated hands on, given access-it is as important to society for everyone to education Benefits- basic (everyone can have equally), scarce (not available for everyone) NEED TO INTERFERE like education Sports available for every male body type not every women body type Title IX wants to provide women to participate, real access How to add scholarships? Add women sports, cut men sports, cut budgets of men sports...
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