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Guia_para_Tarefa_2 - Quantos/as Por que Quem(different...

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Guia para Tarefa 2 An excellent online dictionary: http://michaelis.uol.com.br/ what to know: possessive pronouns (81-82) plural forms of adjectives and nouns (55-59) verb conjugations for –ar verbs (47-49), --er verbs (97-99), and vir/ver/fazer/ir (73-79). also know verbs that include prepositions such as chamar de, entrar em, precisar de (49) adjectives that describe location of a place (87-89) question words and their meanings such as Como, O que, Quando, Quanto/a,
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Unformatted text preview: Quantos/as, Por que, Quem (different places in the book) Helpful words to keep on hand (i.e., you do not necessarily have to memorize): • preencher: to fill in (For example, “Preencha a lacuna …” will be in the instructions for some questions. It translates as “Fill in the blank …”). • The seasons in Portuguese: summer: o verão spring: a primavera winter: o inverno fall: o outono lareira fireplace, hearth...
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