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What to study for the final exam : -ar verbs, including the –ar verbs with prepositions such as precisar de, gostar de, etc. . Know the English translation and how to translate the –ar verbs and other verbs. other verbs: vir, ver, fazer, ir, ter, estar, ser, ficar -er and –ir verbs will definitively NOT be on the exam prepositions such as “perto de, longe de, debaixo de” etc. how to write out the time (e.g., 2:10 PM: São duas e dez da tarde)
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Unformatted text preview: Vocabulary family colors objects in the classroom adjectives that can be used with ser and estar Additional words: médico/a: doctor todos os dias: everyday todo dia: everyday a dona de casa: housewife o animal de estimação: pet o gato: cat o cachorro: dog o papagaio: parrot brincar: to play (a game, not a sport) o casal: married couple jantar: to have dinner comida: food or meal sujo/a: dirty caminhar: to walk almoço: lunch...
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