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LS3%20Midterm%20I_TA_ans_09W - LS3 Midterm I(120 pts Feb 5...

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1 LS3 Midterm I (120 pts) Feb 5, 2009 Instr. P. O'Lague NAME____________________________________________ (Last) (First) I.D.#____________________________ Instructions: 1. This exam has 12 pages including the Data sheet. Be sure you have all pages. 2. WRITE YOUR NAME ON EVERY PAGE. 3. For TRUE/FALSE (2pts) and MULTIPLE CHOICE (3pts), mark your answers clearly. 4. For the short essay questions write answers legibly only in the spaces provided. We will not count words outside the lines. 1. The pKa of the side group of serine is approximately 13, therefore at physiological pH of 7, this side group is charged. (A) True (B) False Ans: 2. The greater stability of DNA over RNA as the genetic material is that DNA lacks an OH in the 3' position on its sugar component. A) True B) False Ans: False 3. If A+G equals C+T, then one can conclude that the DNA is double stranded. (A) True (B) False Ans: False 4. When Griffith injected mice with a mixture of 'heat-killed' S cells and live R cells of S. pneumoniae bacteria, the mice died because not all the S cells were killed by the heat treatment. (A) True (B) False Ans: False
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2 NAME__________________________________ 5. DNA-binding proteins use only major and not minor grooves, because there is not enough binding surface exposed in the minor grooves. (A) True (B) False Ans: False 6. In α -helices, H-bonding takes place between every fourth amino acid in the backbone. (A) True (B) False Ans: True 7. In RNA transcription, it is necessary for the template strand to be in the 5'-3' direction in order for the synthesis of the RNA to also be in the 5'-3' direction. 8. If the non-template strand of DNA has the sequence 5'- ATGCCATTGGCATCG-3', the RNA has the sequence 3'- AUGCCAUUGGCAUCG- 5'. (A) True (B) False Ans: False 9. Histones contain large amounts of the amino acids lysine and arginine because these bind in the major grooves of the DNA.
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