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LS3%20Midterm%20IIans_3_09W - LS3 Midterm II(130 pts Instr...

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1 LS3 Midterm II (130 pts) Feb 26, 2009 Instr. P. O'Lague NAME_________________________________ (Last) (First) I.D.# and TA____________________________ Instructions: 1. This exam has 10 pages. Be sure you have all pages. 2. WRITE YOUR NAME ON EVERY PAGE (except data sheets). 3. For TRUE/FALSE (2pts) and MULTIPLE CHOICE (3pts), mark your answers clearly. 4. For the short essay questions write answers legibly only in the spaces provided. NO CREDIT GIVEN FOR WRITING OUTSIDE THE LINES! 1. In eukaryotic transcription, ribosomal genes are transcribed by: A) Pol I and Pol II B) Pol I and Pol III C) Pol II and Pol III D) all of the above Ans: B 2. Bacterial terminating factors recognizes the following codons: A) UAG, AAU, UGA B) UGU, UAG, UUU C) UAG, UAA, UGA D) UUC, UGG, UGA Ans: C 3. Lariat structures arise from: A) branch point G-OH attacking the 3’ end of exon 1 B) branch point A-OH attacking the 3’ end of exon 1 C) branch point A-OH attacking the 5’ end of exon 2 D) branch point A-OH attacking the 3’ end of exon 2 Ans: B
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2 NAME_________________________________ 4.Which of the following events does not occur during DNA replication in E.coli ? A) Ligation of Okazaki fragments by DNA polymerase III B) Discontinuous synthesis on the lagging strand. C) Synthesis of short RNA primers. D) Attachment of SSB proteins to DNA strands. E) Unwinding of the double helix by DnaB. Ans: A 4. In eukaryotic transcription which events are necessary for promoter clearance to occur: 6. Operator constitutive mutants of the lac operon would 7. An E coli cell that has the genotype I + O + Z + / I - O C Z - would
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