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Key Motivation & Emotion Terms (Lahey, 2007, Chapter 10) Primary Motives: -human motives for things that are necessary for survival such as food, water or warmth Biological Needs-food water warmth Homeostasis: hunger, thirst- internal body mechanics that sense biological imbalances and stimulate actions to restore balance. Psychological Motives- motives that are not directly related to the biological survival of the individual or the species. Novelty- psychological motive, new/changed experiences. Social Motives: success seeking vs. failure avoiding chart Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Motivation Intrinsic- motives stimulated by the inherent nature of the activity or its natural consequences. Extrinsic-human motives activated by external rewards Overjustification Effect- effect whereby giving someone an incentive (monetary or otherwise) to do something that they already enjoy doing decreases their intrinsic motivation to do it(I already enjoy playing football but you pay me to play by internal motivation decreases
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Key_Motivation__Emotion_Terms - Key Motivation Emotion...

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