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Unformatted text preview: BICD100 Genetics Study Guide for Final Exam The final exam will consist of 8 problems on the following topics: 1. A Mendelian dihybrid cross involving genetic interactions 2. Three factor mapping in Drosophila (or other diploid) e.g. Midterm 2 Q2 3. Human pedigree analysis Modes of inheritance Conditional probability (but not Bayes theorem!) 4. A three-gene yeast tetrad analysis problem Linked versus unlinked genes. Centromere mapping. e.g. Midterm 2 Q3 5. Bacterial mapping using time-of-entry in conjugation and fine mapping using recombination e.g. Midterm 2 Q5 6. Mapping and complementation testing in bacteriophage e.g. PS 3A 7. Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium Observed and expected genotype frequencies Chi-squared goodness of fit test 8. Chromosome aberrations and polyploidy. Behavior of translocation heterozygotes in meiosis Disjunction of autotetraploids e.g. PS 3B The level of difficulty will resemble that of the midterms and will not be as extreme as the problem sets. You will have 3 hours for the exam although I will aim for one that is doable in 2. All relevant equations and tables will be provided. You will need a calculator. ...
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