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Problem Set 3A Phage genetics 1. Five mutants a-e in phage π are temperature sensitive for growth. All the mutants grow normally (i.e. make plaques) at 30° but do not grow at all at 40°. As your first step in characterizing these mutants you perform double infections of the host E. coli strain at 30°. You allow the doubly infected bacteria to lyse then titrate the phage by plating on E. coli at 40°. You obtain the following data (the number is the burst size for each infection). a b c d e WT a 0 90 0 85 0 105 b 0 0 100 100 95 c 0 0 0 100 d 0 85 98 e 0 110 In a second experiment you perform double infections as before, but then separately titrate the resultant bursts at 30° and at 40°. Below are your data, plotted as the ratio (burst size at 40°/burst size at 30°). a b c d e a 0 0.003 0 0.009 0.001 b 10
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