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REL 45 Islam
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ISLAM Our contemporary “other” - like Mexicans, Russians in Cold War Most recent, final, prophetic statement of or concerning human being’s relationship to the God of Abraham Relationship of Islam to Christianity is similar to that of Judaism and Christianity We (the west) say that our culture is the most secular and the most religious Historical relationship of Islam to other cultures - complicated - spreads, capitalizes and organizes Arab tribes - very quickly establish military control over Iran to North Africa and edges of Byzantine Empire - Dominates central trade route of the time o Asia meets Africa meets Europe - For a while, one of the most civilized places in the world o Good medicine, rational law, freedom to pursue scientific inquiry and funding, resources for artistic development - Fairly liberal institution - Decentralized control, freedom, tolerance - Variation of Muslim practice, no standardization, range of kinds of Islam - Ottoman last regional dynasty, last of dominant regional Muslim empires in 1800’s, some sort of response to European power began to be felt Europe was pushing social changes that Islam felt a need to respond to Instrumental use of Muslim identity in the political context as the best identity in order to advance a political cause or pursuit; capitalized on Wants to be a humanitist, communist culture - but westerners can’t understand that Islam wants to frame the world according to God - The West frames the world around rationality and reason Essenes – retreat to the desert to get away from urban life and mishmash of religious worship to rediscover the lost covenant Jesus reestablishes relationship with God Jesus’ death is another potential moment of abandonment “lema sebachthani?” March 2, 2007
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