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eurasian II - Courtney Peterson Bio 180S Ape-Human...

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Courtney Peterson Bio 180S – Ape-Human Transition de Bonis, L and G.D. Koufos. “Our ancestors' ancestor: Ouranopithecus is a greek link in human ancestry”. Evolutionary Anthropology: Issues, News, and Reviews . 3(3) (1994): 75-83. Eurasian hominoids II (Dryopithecus, Graecopithecus/Ouranopithecus, Samburupithecus) The article described how World War I soldiers in Greece accidentally discovered primate fossils while digging trenches for battle. Specifically, they discovered what is now called Ouranopithecus macedonius , a late Miocene hominoid which later proved to be not only a missing link between Homo and Australopithecus but also was one of the first hominids. The article discussed in some detail the paleoecology and paleogeology of the region in which the fossils were found to help flesh out what life was like for this possible ancestor. The article then went into describing the physical characteristics of Ouranopithecus , such as body size, sexual dimorphism and to what extent, and jaw morphology and dentition. Sexual dimorphisms in
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eurasian II - Courtney Peterson Bio 180S Ape-Human...

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