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genera of human lineage summary

genera of human lineage summary - *MISSED CLASS THURSDAY...

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***MISSED CLASS THURSDAY NOV 8*** Courtney Peterson BAA 180S – Ape-Human Transition Cela-Conde, CJ and FJ Ayala. “Genera of the Human Linage”. PNAS (2003) 100(13): 7684- 7689. Hominidae Taxa The article begins with a brief history of the role of man in the taxonomy of Carl Linnaeus as one that is very different from what we know today in that it merely segregated African apes and humans from the orangutan. All of which were regarded as Homo . Modern fossil evidence, however, now allows taxonomy to sort out the evolutionary past of humans, with Homo pertaining strictly to the lineage that gave rise to humans. Segregation among hominid genera began with the Taung child finding which established the genus Australopithecus . This change was followed by the creation of the Paranthropus genus by some scientists who regarded further Australopithecus specimens which were particularly robust to be separate from the gracile specimens. These genera have been followed by Ardipithecus , Orrorin , Kenyanthropus , and Sahelanthropus.
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