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proconsul - Courtney Peterson Bio 180S Ape-Human Transition...

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Courtney Peterson Bio 180S – Ape-Human Transition Rosse, JB et al. Paranasal sinus anatomy of Aegyptopithecus : Implications for hominoid origins. PNAS 99(12). June 11, 2002. Proconsulids The article for this class used the ethmofrontal sinus of a proconsulid skull to help place the early primate on the taxonomic chart of primates. The chimp-sized Proconsul major is considered a possible ancestor of Afropithecus, which gave rise to the extant hominoids. Where proconsul was once believed to be the crown hominoid (giving rise to all hominoids, not Old World monkeys), this article provides support for the theory that proconsul is the primitive stem cattarhine, meaning that it gave rise to both Old World monkeys and apes. It was once believed that the ethmofrontal sinus was synaptomorphic to living apes (including humans); however, Aegyptopithecus also shows the ethmofrontal sinus feature, suggesting that the trait is primitive in Proconsul as opposed to derived. Also, Proconsul shows many traits that resemble
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