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sahel and orror

sahel and orror - Courtney Peterson BAA 180S Ape-Human...

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Courtney Peterson BAA 180S – Ape-Human Transition CITATION Orrorin and Sahelanthropus The first article on Sahelanthropus tchadensis draws attention the explosive potential of fossils associated with human origins. With an array of primitive and derive traits, the skull of Sahelanthropus is yet another example of just how difficult it is to arrange the taxon of hominins as a monophyletic group. Various curious facts about this skull include its location of more than 1,000 miles away from the conventional “cradle of humanity” aka the Rift Valley, its relatively anterior foramen magnum which suggests at least partial bipedalism, and its chimp-like brain case, which is rather unusual among fossil hominins. The article concludes with the caveat that while this new skull is exciting and it is tempting to draw direct ancestry as the missing link between chimps and humans, the only definite gleanings from this specimen are that it is an ancient relative.
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