Siva Giganto Lufang review

Siva Giganto Lufang review - Courtney Peterson BAA 180S...

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Courtney Peterson BAA 180S – Ape-Human Transition Eurasian hominoids III ( Lufengpithecus, Sivapithecus, Gigantopithecus ) The main focus of our discussion was the problem of interpreting fossils. While CJ dealt more with sexual dimorphism, my area of the discussion aimed more at overall effect of inferences made from small amounts of evidence. CJ outlined three main problems with studying fossils as stated in the Lufengpithecus article: 1) Sample size, 2) Difficulty of studying the range of variation, 3) Sexual dimorphism. A small sample size can cause interpretations regarding body size, variation, and sexual dimorphism to all be skewed, particularly if the species generated a large amount of variation. Without a large sample size, judging how much variation was “normal” is next to impossible and also makes it difficult for fossils that were actually of the same species but exhibited strikingly different body sizes and/or sexual dimorphisms to be classified together as a single species. One could use the differences between the mountain and lowland eastern gorillas as a modern example. While both are of the same species, certain traits within the species were selected for by their different environmental pressures. These points were made in the article about Lufangpithecus , which exhibits extreme sexual dimorphism even greater than that of extant Pongo and Papio . However, it falls on the shoulders of the interpreting scientists to decipher the difference between a species with bimodal traits and two separate species, especially when no
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Siva Giganto Lufang review - Courtney Peterson BAA 180S...

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