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08/18/2005 05:55 AM Nationmedia.com | Daily Nation | NEWS | 20m Kenyans can't afford drugs Page 1 of 2 Some 20 million Kenyans cannot afford drugs, a new report says. Out of the country's estimated population of 30 million people, just 9.3 million can access the medicines, the report says. According to A Study of Medicine Prices in Kenya 2004, an estimated 23 per cent of the sick do not seek medical care either because they cannot afford or could not access health facilities. At least 40 per cent of this group does not seek medical services because of lack of money. The survey shows that medicines account for 69 per cent of all outpatient expenditure by households. In total, the households accounted for 51 per cent of all health expenditure. The study compared drug prices in 53 public health facilities, 57 private and 47 mission health centres in all the eight provinces. In a speech, Health minister Charity Ngilu said the survey showed that many essential medicines were not available in public health centres, which normally charge lower prices. "This creates a situation where a patient has to pay significantly higher prices in the private sector for the medicine," Mrs Ngilu said. She added: "Therefore, I challenge the Kenya Medical Supplies Agency to address this situation, so that Kenyans can access affordable medicines within their locality." The speech was read by a senior deputy director of medical services, Dr Francis Kimani,
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20m_Kenyans_can_t_afford_drugs - Nationmedia.com | Daily...

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