Objectives for 220 - MT 220 Medical Laboratory Professions...

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1 MT 220 Medical Laboratory Professions Following the homework assignment and class exercise, the MT 220 student should be able to (and that means exam questions may be on): 1. Describe the scope of practice and level of education (AS, BS, MD, etc) for each of the following individuals: a. Clinical laboratory scientist (generalist): Perform and interpret laboratory test. Supervise technicians and phlebotomist. b. Clinical laboratory scientist (categorical): Work in lab doing a specific line of work c. Clinical laboratory technician: routine lab testing in most clinical laboratory areas. d. Histotechnologist: Educate histotechnologist in how to prepare slides, and provide samples for pathologist to assess. e. Histotechnician: prepare tissue specimens and slides and stain materials. f. Cytotechnologist; Focus on apperance of chromosomes and relationship to disease. Cancer g. Cytogenetic technologist: extract chromosomes from cells and perform test on them, examine for abnormalities. h. Diagnostic molecular scientist: Study DNA and its relationship to inheritance patterns or disease. i. Phlebotomist: Collects and prepares blood specimens for lab tests. j. Pathologist: specializes in diagnosis of disease from cells and tissue samples, also perform autopsies.
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  • Spring '08
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Objectives for 220 - MT 220 Medical Laboratory Professions...

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