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Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures University of California, Davis JPN 3 Elementary Japanese Spring 2008 Japanese 3 is the third in a sequence of courses at UCD for students wishing to learn to function with spoken and written Japanese. The course is designed for students who completed JPN 1and 2 at UC Davis with C- or better or those who are placed into this level based on the placement test. Others can enroll with permission of the instructor, based on a student P s placement test results. Please contact Language Learning Center (53 Olson, 752-1508). You will learn to talk about your family, health, and memorable experiences. You will also learn how to give advice, ask for permission to do certain things, and express your desire to do certain things. I. Course Materials Textbooks : 1. Nakama 1 (with Workbook/Lab Manual + complete CD program) (Houghton Mifflin) 2. Minna no Nihongo Shokyu I Shokyu de Yomeru Topic 25 (3A Network) Audio Materials: 1. The Nakama 1 textbook audio CD and Workbook/Lab Manual audio CDs are bundled with new copies of the textbook. If you purchase a used copy of the textbook, be sure also to acquire the CDs. 2. In addition, Supplemental Audio Materials have been created for JPN 2. These include recordings of the boxed example sentences and the short example conversations in each "Language" section of the textbook. 3. The Supplemental Audio Materials (and the textbook/lab manual materials) are available on the LLC (Language Learning Center) course materials site (follow the links at: ). 4. If you have problems with your own computer, access the audio materials directly
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Syllabus - Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures...

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