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JPN 3 ’09 Oral Test May 28 (Thursday) & May 29 (Friday) Relax and do your best! ±n … ¶ “ P² ²P Chavez Students signed up for a certain time slot shall arrive 10 minutes early for the oral examination at 311 Sproul Hall,. Students shall allow themselves 10 minutes to stay later than their assigned exit time in the event of a delay. Students shall answer ten questions asked by the instructor. Students need to carry out a longer conversation with the instructor on the tenth question when students are asked for suggestions, or for advice. Students should try to go the extra mile when answering questions. Topics are: expressing your capabilitiesCpotential form of verbs), your past experiences , describing your family members, your childhood , telling about dates, giving suggestions for treating physical or personal problems³ w … ¶ “ E
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