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1.man -k first used command man man and searched through the available command parameters 2./bin/ls used the command where ls 3.ln command introduced in-class 4./usr/bin/mail used the where mail command 5./usr/X11R6/usr/bin/mail used the where mail command 6.set user or group ID on execution found using command info chmod 7.locate found using command man find (in the See Also section) 8.find -perm found using command man find 9. find -perm /+t -type d (the actual directory names are not listed due to the size) 10. 7 first list out all existing files located inside the bin folder along with their individual permissions via command ln -l, then look for folders with their s-permission bit set. 11.Bruno Haible first found the address of the printf program using the locate printf command. Then printed out the contents of the printf
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Unformatted text preview: program using the less /usr/share/gettext/intl/printf.c command. The author's name is then found in the comment section of the code. 12.fprintf() sprintf() snprintf() vprintf() vfprintf() vsprintf() vsnprintf() found by listing all manuals that are related to printf by using command man -a printf, the function prototypes are listed at the beginning of the code. 13.whoami, whatis, where found using command man -k wh, which lists all commands that start with 'wh' along with descriptions 14.change word under VI, used command :help cw 15.Cat prints the contents in order. (first line first). tac prints the contents of a file to the standard output in reversed order (last line first). Found using command info cat and info tac...
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