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Millicent Lin 4/19/2007 Writing 2 Fight Club When I was a little kid in a Taiwanese elementary school, I took Tae Kwon Do, which is a type of martial arts, and continued when I came to the United States in 9 th grade. I devoted myself to learning Tae Kwon Do that I got to spar with many students in my second year of learning. I remembered I was always the girl who won all the competitions and tournaments in my division. I expressed my anger and stress through Tae Kwon Do and I felt (what does that mean?) like nothing really mattered after a good match. Even the physical pain no longer bothered me after a match, because I was satisfied at my accomplishment. Maybe all I wanted was to have a good work out. One time, I fought a girl and I kicked her really hard that she cried, but she thanked me afterwards, with reasons I don’t recall. People who undergo mental stress tend to exercise more than others because exercising had to do with relieving mental pain, curing insomnia and maintaining health. An interesting book called “Fight Club” by Chuck Palahniuk, had a similar comparison to my story. Tyler Durden, the protagonist of Fight Club, invented Fight Club for men who were raised by mothers to become achieve manhood. He invented Fight Club because he got bored of his life, his job and that he had experienced mental pain that others could not imagined. Men who are raised by mothers grow up to be less manly or cowardly. Men are born to be more aggressive and violent than women regardless if they are raised by single parent. In Fight Club, the main character forms a club that gathers a group of men who think that they can be manly by fighting each other. Men think that Fight Club can teach them what fathers teach their children. The image of a father is protective, provider, and a
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role model. Children who grow up in a divorced family are less emotionally stabled and they are more insecure in relationships. But most of the abuses are caused by fathers and children who have been abused tend to become more violent in their future. Mothers are more caring, loving, and soft hearted. In some cases, one parent has to take the role as father and mother, and still provides a good care for his or her children. Fighting is a way
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VV - Millicent Lin Writing 2 Fight Club When I was a little...

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