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Presentation draft for Core

Presentation draft for Core - english as my 2 nd language I...

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In our society today, people come together from different countries with their own cultures and language. As a result, they will have different ideas and ways of speaking because of these diverse cultures and languages they grew up with. I think one race is different with another based not only the skin colors but also from the different language people speak and different culture people grow up with. Different language and culture creates different ways to interpret and react upon one thing, which can be the cause for racial discriminations. As America became the most powerful country among the nations, English became popular language for different countries to learn. Thus it gives people whose speak English as mother tongue the advantage over those who do not speak English or speak less fluent English. I was an immigrant from Taiwan and learned
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Unformatted text preview: english as my 2 nd language. I was placed to ELD class and couldn’t communicate with others. I know how it feels when people don’t know how to speak a language in the country. The others will look down on you if you can’t speak their langauge. I think everyone has the responsibility to solve this problem because eveyone should not have the prejudice toward people who don’t speak english well, they shouldn’t judge people based on their language speaking. Not everyone speaks Standard English. Maybe people who don’t speak Standard English do know more but their English doesn’t express their ideas clearly. So we should not think people who don’t speak Standard English are less smart because they may be more knowledgeable than we assume....
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