polar area quiz solution

polar area quiz solution - 3'- e1 .-,@-dJ ,-ry :( ..fi,...

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j'F jrl Quiz 9 . Apr. L4, 2OOg Show all work. Math 110-006, Spring 2009 Name 1. Sketch the triangle with coordinates (-5r/3, -5), (5, -5) and (0,0) and use Polar Inte- gration to find the area of this triangle. Show quadrant diagrams used in the evaluation of trisonometric functions. Co\^Alde-\ OA , t ?tr 9i 'kx- yr o(crro), A(5,-t) 9t m='fo.n6,; *5- a i= 'tl J2l, Xt-- Xt $*o b*,CI, = -l g 6,= t""f(*i ) 6,= -v ' '+. ) A tgg'. Co.',xider OR o1 [)?J7 s( ]bG ,2) A mf 't^nO> = ?r-)1 , = x2 -)<r ton o, 6r.= B*g :A . u2_ Ndt-. toJ (f") "fi -[+- r a" ) t*'n, 3j''',ile^dJ b;H= %,, bt *- 5*o -5G^* Uc,.-- I Z**.J A* -i" n.*ot^ Jh""^l6l Ue -Ql " -*t{ A rJ-)
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Unformatted text preview: 3'- e1 .-,@-dJ ,-ry :( ..fi, t-^J/t \ .n- -, Td.t. l)- I r rq&quot; GsJ= .- * zE-T t .-?r +.ir (-- r-fr +za '+- ) 5t an I r\ &quot;+ -1 | 1 As gn c1nC^^l I Q; %J (^l = to.J' ^ t nrr I O''* *.,.In i-rrl'J-&quot;J+1 i 'T*L.,*A'^] 1*4\!1 c rro,:rrIz,. . \.CIi'}_ t W- Az:*T i( J&quot;-5 &quot;* agl,e C/;-.5=-a 5o@ csd O ft r ( ' ,Lt .i \f scsco )auc ./- J' k =J-{+ , ''( r^.*Ja./e /al 'l I e.J-6e u 'Y4 r fie t5 [ fscA']--F- I t)r- .-w fo k 7 i*Xrvt.hr Ag bin'^ ka^a i(*rn 9l o&lt;) fT L./ &quot;) S*&amp;lnt &quot;t'* . . c*{_4)= 1 (-Vo '= - E (&amp;61 ) l -,Yo F f['af+l 'e( q = 5, t t-l-9L '{3 /\...
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polar area quiz solution - 3'- e1 .-,@-dJ ,-ry :( ..fi,...

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