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expancion sin&cos integration REC

expancion sin&cos integration REC - SHOWN If...

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L Math 110 rec 4 NOTE TO TA: Please read the instructions to the class. Put all problems and answers on the board but tell students no credit will be given for answers without the proper mathematical justification as described in the instructions. Students may not leave early-papers of students who do not remain the entire period should not be collected. Recitation work should be collected at the end of the period. It will count towards the l0o/o rccitation allocation on the next common examination. Instructions for problems 1 - 6 Expand the following expressions using the expansion formulas for (a+b)3 or (a+b)2 os needed. Then substitute the given angle into the expanded expression, and evaluate the trigonometric functions, including a quadrant diagram (1 for each problem). Finally simplifu the resulting expression, and check your answer by employing the appropriate trigonometric plrhagorean identity. ALL STEPS IN THE SIMPLIFICATION MUST
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Unformatted text preview: SHOWN. If necessary refer to pages 59-66 in the textbook. 1. (tan2 r * 1)3 ...af ter erpandi,ng subst r : 60 degrees 2. (tan2r - sec2r)2 . .. subst. r : 45 degrees 3. (si,n2r - 1)3 . ... subst r -- 30 degrees 4.(1 - cos2)2 . ..subst r : 60 degrees 5. (cot2r -t l)3. ..subst r : 45 degrees 6. (csc2 r - cot2 r)2 subst r : 30 degrees, Instruct'ions f or problems 7 * I0: Evaluate the following Integrals: 7. f("*i - 4rB +lr\ar 8. /("-l)( - 4,')1lr\ ar z4 t e. .[(ruir ) a* "*o . 10 [P*) a" 11. Students who have completed the first 10 problems should study and WRITE Up AND HAND IN a detailed solution to Illustrative Example I on pages 100 -103 making sure each step is thoroughly understood. Answers for TA only- to be used to check sfudent's work- do not give these answers to students. (r). 64, (2).1 (3) # (4) * (5) 8 (6) 1 (7\ -4 'a3 | \f,, -r -r 7 -f (s) -g (e) -+--E f 1 O) 72x12 \*",/ 13 2 ;tli t 2...
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