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a=const_free fall formulas

a=const_free fall formulas - =x;rj(vv 4= eawl T-dn{vy qld...

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Lecture2 Page 10 of 18 Constant acceleration When th* arcelera{ion is ronstarl. the averagt accelerali*n and i:rstanta- neous aec*lsration are equal *nel ws can wrile Eq. ?"7" rvith s*me chlrnges in nontlilrl. i15 aX'X*-Xi, u - t,t, t-fi ouU -!x i+ vx/- 4ven3/ vabrrlj J *l li^< I r oos;lian /*' I-Vxllf - 4lyct ar /t,.a'm st( *ia'+ ; ,tr. 4 vxll .f - 1-Fp^a I t. ffi oolctt c,,f t'furzl x/= Yi+Vyit - ! ori"#rT^ q= coall aL f;-e il-l u4f @r'5 Acc2/aa/;6a Vu' = vxi q__ c,0h|. '+2or(va-xi) /int ( vulau'ly {a} A? Cotr1l v i +;(vxi A " cfiel
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Unformatted text preview: =x;rj(vv; 4= eawl' T;-----dn {vy qld = ;F I - ,f^Ytr. vr,{*,itp^ (r = {l:\'r : ff.rJ,f O*totll - | x - cl,spta,r^f) c ;7- eq"'/?r6 *pJ r:,1 5, du&raff1 aecehnalie,t U d;-;rtz,/* 4 V hl $k:pe = u (c'f 6 3{X7 Tt omsot! fligher Educativl (oNsfAN n.L€LE RATtoV Vxf 'Vx; *axl -.v. .b.'lV J**y 4= oryftz/ fin< jarro,h * is q dirid,,rz Ir=Iim Vd."'h coytsl-,at => => iolf qrt lon.orrt tdon /X , dy au,7 z x qva1, ViilL,* of Ir 'u4 6l Bcce yE,*.Afi2M ; e Vnl'- Vu; = Vx Y4 " xi + vy f cl=o V...
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