Censorship in Eisenstein's Films

Censorship in Eisenstein's Films - Lockhart 1 Hunter...

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Lockhart 1 Hunter Lockhart English VIII B Fr. Greg March 30, 2007 Censorship Controversy in Ivan the Terrible , The Battleship Potemkin , and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn In Alexander Solzhenityn’s A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich , Caesar Markovich, Captain Buynovsky, and prisoner K-123 passionately discuss two of Sergei Eisenstein’s films. During the novel, Markovich begins to smoke his pipe of tobacco, an indication that he is transitioning into a deep thought process about the visually stunning scenes of the dance of the oprichniki in Ivan the Terrible . He is the first to claim his position on Eisenstein’s films stating that the film Ivan the Terrible is an example that Eisenstein is clearly “a genius.” Evidently, Markovich is enthralled with the visual spectacle put on by the oprichniki when they dance around so ardently in their masks. K-123 takes a different stance on Eisenstein’s films. K-123 dislikes Ivan the Terrible because he disagrees with the content saying, “Too much are is no art at all.” In addition, K-123 is not in accordance with the politics of the film calling Ivan the Terrible a “vindication of a one-man tyranny” and “an insult to three generations of Russian intellectuals.”
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Censorship in Eisenstein's Films - Lockhart 1 Hunter...

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