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PIPN ioo. Mmn,ri,, physiorogy. Finrmidrn dam Nabe UCSD Piemedicat Associalio! of students fo. service \iu {r. . l. (24points) This diagram illustrtos some factos lhat and sonato$atin ae bodr hornones affectrbe anounr olelucos inthe bjood. Insulin Jq\ -' )/ Eslirlg fl. (6) BASED ON TEIS DIACRAM, nhat efiecl ii any nill a decrease in lhe concenfation of gucose in the blood have on tte Flease of insulin rron dE p celh ofthe pancreas? ENEFLY suppod tour LXt"","\ -tl .cle,,ce"'< ),:."1,'. r"leox &so" p,r;U.e c,Ar€ la1b. 6.taep^+t. +@) signi+;.4 shh Otr tre c,iir'ti1 d't'tdt' b. (6) BASED oN Tuis DIAcR {M, ihar effer if any-.will a decEse in blood elucose hav€ on d'e or sofratasbrin by in iestinal celk? ENEFLY j uslif, your answei thele /. hd tlli. .t ,. +re t,h,,e ""1 5o,,,yu s+6+.^ \e{duse }(!xr dee rq qfttaus 7,;t4 lno"' Ldo. .,ai, Lh".l to-a*I; laqi'arrat. . arl"-\?'t ,., q"./ )of, aL stN;tr. c. (6) BASED ON THIS DIAGIAM, whar efiect '.if ant *ill the release of soFatoshdn lnve on the ,or-rhiono er,or r'1. .Iloodl BRIE|LY. 'iryyor', .q" d. (6) Does thh diaenn (or my paft of the dhgram) illuslraG nesativefeedback contol? BtuElLY nsrify your an$ver by lhtini tne .onponens of the feedback systen dd slanng Fhat allows ,o! to + /tt. .<ll s-ru sl", " "ll Le.eai qt{ t, A siqNl tef,c,, trd 1-.r;E r {ir:r_ q-jblil ,, +--r"+ . conclude d1al the leedback h .esaivc. @ iM bep l*^ {\r*'tl*t:::lr:t"!-L?v3'"k* "l heXdlr€ lep,/ hcL 4. si1ir5, {1" 1t^;1 ^^
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2. (2,,1poinrs) You aE studying a is 52 dV. Yo! then nedlre neuon. You detemine that V@ for this neuron is -68 dre following ionic concenbanons inside dd olrside ?7 \D inahet frottlr/6q \ u 1.," s,'t O r roliaEesated sodium channeh open in the donal nenbnne oi this neuron, sill a Na' cuircrt ilow r.@$ the denbrane, and ii so in which direction *ould $e N.'flow intooronlofdreneuron? ' oril l,'"1n. 5ro* r' I rl rn. cal. .kho1s. o I need.o m.l,e ) e.". .= 14 11tff;= +e "u +\ -, V?', L'di' -ll/ ft"* +heo"et tre N^f,a.e i,.to tt"*.rt,rc^, Ih\ i! L..o,o l4eie is a ht{,pa td^ta,tad+ta^ ,l ^t,+ o,,+tut.! rnt ."u/ / (ft. rr_" L hr '. ." "1^,. 6,". J,"_, t,tt,t .nc ,..-b&-e, ." t- r gcrriq eo/< f+1,< tt:. -- -,,; ,t., r{ Nqt 5 .r-;.r ir, o'll np. .ron d'o.le'eu-on'halispt \ ronopens<ndnne. hrrrlowboil \,J, z dK-baos. e n"mbrsne and r . re h. 'bi ' ) o r\eapo.LJn,p. .h3rn". or.le "o.on. .. cqual, will dDtst'npti.cir€ntbe excitatory orinhibitory! Suppodyouranswer €orfullcredit, show in lull my calculalions yon need to nake.) 4.... (,r ,"r (I!*-ai : o.
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This note was uploaded on 06/01/2009 for the course BICD bipn 100 taught by Professor French during the Spring '09 term at UCSD.

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Bipn100-Sp06-french-Mt1&amp;2&amp;3 - i F inrmidrn...

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