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9.2 Thermo - Santa Anna Conditions T= 20o C First Law of...

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1 First Law of Thermodynamics 9.2 Thermodynamic processes Cyclic processes Molar specific heats. Santa Anna Conditions T= 20 o C High Desert. P= 85 kPa Coast P = 100 kPa T=? Santa Ana winds originate in the high desert region of California and is heated by adiabatic compression during the rapid descent to the coast. For the above conditions what would the temperature at the coast be? Question A 5.0 mol sample of an ideal gas with c v =5/2R undergoes an expansion during which the gas does 5.1 kJ of work. If it absorbs 2.7 kJ of heat during this process, by how much does its temperature change? Question. A gas with γ = 5/3 is at 450 K at the start of an expansion that triples its volume. The expansion is isothermal until the volume has doubled, then adiabatic the rest of the way. What is the final gas temperature? Cyclic processes V P A B Cyclic processes form the basis for heat engines. The system goes repeatedly from A to B and back to A Cyclic processes V P A B The work done in going from A to B is the area under the curve W AB >0
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