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Katrina's Legacy Study Guide - Katrinas Legacy: White...

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Katrina’s Legacy: White Racism and Black Reconstruction in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast I.D.: Jim Crow Reparations Hayes-Tilden Compromise of 1877 Freedman’s Bureau “Southern Strategy” Radical Republicans COINTELPRO “Rainbow Coalition” Democratic Leadership Council Katrina Fatigue Davis-Bacon Act People’s Hurricane Relief Fund Right of Return Questions students should be able to answer from Katrina’s Legacy and related course materials : 1. What does Eric Mann believe it will take to achieve equal rights for Black people in the United States? Why? What evidence does he provide to suggest his perspective has merit? How does his perspective differ or concur with prospectives raised by Barack Obama in The Audacity of Hope or Alan Bracey in Saviors or Sellouts ? Explain. 2. What contributions are the people of New Orleans and the South making to efforts to further racial equality? What new programmatic initiatives, demands, and forms of organizations are they generating? 3. What are the disadvantages in continuing to fight for Black equality within the civil rights framework? What course of action does Eric Mann recommend instead? Why? 4. Eric Mann argues that the disastrous outcomes of Hurricane Katrina did not grow out of a “natural” disaster, but as a human-made disaster of U. S. imperialism. What evidence does he provide? Are his arguments reasonable? Why or why not? 5. Based on information covered in Katrina’s Legacy and related course materials, is protecting the environment a “Black issue?” Why or why not? 6. List and explain the four strategic demands that Eric Mann believes provides the framework for a movement that provides a coherent internationalist and human rights frame for racial justice work in New Orleans and beyond. 7. Why does Mann believe there needs to be a new Reconstruction period? What could be accomplished? What would need to take place in order for a new Reconstruction period to emerge? 8.
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Katrina's Legacy Study Guide - Katrinas Legacy: White...

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