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Matthew Jackson BA 421 Case Studies Factory Expansion Project Case 1. Andy should have done some research before he went to Jacob’s office in order to see if Jacob was telling the truth. Research will help a person out when they are trying to do business. The more info you have going into the meeting, the more you can understand what the other person is saying. Andy should have also checked to see if Jacob facts test out before he signed a contract during his first meeting. A person should not dive into something because the seller says that it might be gone soon. Also, Andy needed to see how long the average time was for other companies, and Jacobs, to complete a project before he should have signed a bonus clause. Andy also needed to act like he was so desperate for Jacob’s help. This gave Jacob the advantage and made Andy seem weak. Andy needed to act confident when telling Jacob his needs and goals. If Andy did all of this, then he might have gotten a better price, had more say in the contract, had more influence during construction, and have been happier with the end result. 2. In the contract Andy should have made sure all deliveries have been delivered because if the customer is not happy then the project is not done. To make sure all the materials have been paid for because if they are not then the customer will not be happy with the bill they will receive. He should have set up a post meeting evaluation so that anything that he thought was good or bad could be discussed for it. He needed to spell out what he
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wanted so that nothing could be changed during the process. He should have put check in dates to for Jacob to tell Andy what they are doing and how far along they are. If he did all of this then he might have been happier with the results. Payton Corporation Case. 1. The basis for this problem is that project manager firm is going to spend 50% more on the project than they wanted to. This is never a good this in business. When the amount of money is that 50% more than expected, it can make people loose jobs and is over all bad. 2. The project manger firm is at fault. This is because they did not take into account that the amount of work then needed and the time frame they are on cost more. They should have asked the Lab Manager’s firm for all the info on how it can be done in the time frame and how much more it would cost. 3.
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BA421 Case Projects - Matthew Jackson BA 421 Case Studies...

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