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Formula Sheet First Exam FIN 301 EBIT= Sales –Operating Costs N et O perating W orking C Total Operating Capital = NOWC + Net fixed Assets NOPAT = EBIT(1-tax rate) FCF = Operating cash flow – investment in operating capital MVA = Market value of stock – equity capital supplied by shareholders = [(shares out)(stk price)] – total common equity EVA
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Unformatted text preview: = NOPAT – Annual dollar cost of capital = (EBIT)(1-t) – [Total investor supplied capital x after-tax percentage cost of capital] = Net income – (equity capital x % cost of equity capital) =Equity capital x (ROE-%cost of equity capital) DSO = days sales outstanding = Receivables/Average sales per day = Receivables/Annual sales/365 Times-interest-earned (TIE) = EBIT/Interest charges EBITDA coverage ratio = [EBITDA + Lease Pmt.] / [Int. + Principal + Lease Pmt.] Basic Earning Power (BEP) ratio = EBIT/Total Assets ROA = Profit margin x Total Assets Turnover...
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  • Spring '07
  • Operating cash flow, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Equity Capital, total common equity, Amortization Net Operating

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