BA 421 notes - Stage One : Need Identification Consumer...

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Stage One : Need Identification Consumer gets involved. There is a group to see the following questions from different areas, marketing, engineering, accounting, etc. See if there is an opportunity for the business. Does it go with the business goals? Will it expand the market share? Public reaction? Regulatory speed bumps. Liabilities. Impact on human resources? Funding? Feedback. Request For proposal: page 31 Want to include a detail statement for work. State what deliverables the contractor will provide. What parts of the project will be approved. What are the finical factors? List payment terms. Time of completion date. Due date for contract proposal. Evaluation criteria. How funds will be spent. Stage Two : Solution Proposal Lay out big steps. Show the consumer what you have to offer. How much the consumer is willing to spend. Check list for the following a bid or not bid. Is there a lot competition? Risks? Does this fit in with the business mission? Extension of capabilities. Have you ever worked with this consumer before? Does the company
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BA 421 notes - Stage One : Need Identification Consumer...

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