ch12 summary & vocab

ch12 summary & vocab - Chapter 12 Self-Concept and...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 12 Self-Concept and Lifestyle Extreme is the name of the game! 1 Snowboarding, wakeboarding, artificial wall climbing, and surfing have all seen double-digit growth in recent years. This comes at a time when many traditional sports are seeing their numbers decline. Monday Night Football, a perennial favorite with top-10 prime-time ratings, has seen its audience numbers slip in recent years. Participation in team sports such as baseball, basketball, and softball have seen double-digit declines. These changes are being fueled by dramatic shifts in the interests, values, and lifestyles of the youth market. Harvey Lauer is president of American Sports Data, Inc. (ASD), a company which examines these trends. Lauer points out that the values underlying extreme sports are very different from those of traditional team sports. While team sports key in on working together and character building, extreme sports are rooted in "fierce individualism, alienation, and defiance." The X Games and Gravity Games are two nationally televised events for extreme sports with a growing fan base particularly among young men, a segment which marketers often find elusive and hard to reach. Extreme sports offer one way to connect, and marketers are scrambling to tap into the extreme, active, and adrenaline-pumped lifestyles that fuel this audience. Consider the following examples of marketing campaigns which blend extreme sports, culture, lifestyle, and music: Mountain Dew is a major sponsor of the X Games. They also have edgy ads with people engaged in extreme activities....
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ch12 summary & vocab - Chapter 12 Self-Concept and...

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