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ch6 summary & vocab - Americans spend approximately...

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Americans spend approximately $150 billion a year on babies and children. For infants, the marketing task is relatively clear: Parents and grandparents are the key decision makers and buyers. One study reached the following conclusions: Gifts are a significant part of the market. New mothers look to other mothers in deciding what to buy. Mothers want a special look for their baby that is different from other kids. Collections and coordination are not critical. Comfort is important, durability less so. Practical features such as ease of dressing are very important. Price/value is important, as the baby quickly outgrows the clothing. However, even by age two, children begin to influence the purchase of items bought for them. By six, many are insisting on "cool" clothes, foods, and other items. By their early teens, they may play the dominant role in purchasing electronics and computers for the household. Marketers are increasingly pursuing this market. But it's not easy. Both children and parents must be satisfied. Eddie Bauer tested a line of children's clothes in its catalogs and stores. The clothes were basically downsized versions of its adult lines. Several years after this experiment failed, Eddie Bauer reentered the market with "cooler" styles for kids and an Internet site. The site was marketed in the Disney magazine, Family PC , Family Fun , and Working Mother as well as in Eddie Bauer stores and catalogs. However, a visit to that site today connects you to Eddie Bauer's main home page. It is difficult to become cool with kids. In contrast, the Nautica Kids line is doing well as are many others that target this group. Limited Too targets 7- to 14-year-old girls. It sells through both an Internet site and a rapidly expanding set of retail stores. Rave Girl, targeting tweens, is also growing rapidly.
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ch6 summary & vocab - Americans spend approximately...

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