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ch5 summary & vocab - Slightly less than 7 percent...

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Slightly less than 7 percent of the Girl Scouts are Hispanic, compared to 17 percent of the girls in the appropriate age range (5 to 17). It would seem that the Girl Scouts would be very appealing to new immigrants, offering direction and building on the strong sense of community that is central to Hispanic culture. However, attracting Hispanic youth to the Girl Scouts will require significant understanding and training. For example, although the green Girl Scout uniform may remind many non-Hispanic moms of good times and cookie sales, it may trigger memories of immigration officers in many Hispanic moms. In addition, some Hispanic parents may feel that the Girl Scouts don't teach the kids proper respect for adults by having them address troop leaders by their first names. To address these issues and recruit more Hispanic girls, the organization recently launched a program entitled "For Every Girl, Everywhere." A spokesperson stated, "We couldn't just go in and make some ads. We had to start from within." This meant, in part, identifying the unique needs of Hispanics and the common elements between their culture and the Girl Scouts. This resulted in a major training effort for volunteers in areas with Hispanic populations. The training focused on such basic issues as how to address a Hispanic woman (señora) and the importance of building a relationship. Hard-sell approaches and large meetings with parent groups were ruled out. Instead, soft-sell chats over coffee were encouraged. The programming (the product) was also altered. Brothers were encouraged to attend some events. Camping, an uncommon activity for Hispanic girls, began including the entire family. Elements of Hispanic traditions are also being incorporated into Scouting. Las Posadas, a Hispanic Christmas tradition that pays homage
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ch5 summary & vocab - Slightly less than 7 percent...

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