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ch4 summary & vocab - How did a movie tentatively...

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How did a movie tentatively entitled Cheer Fever and forecast to be a financial disaster become the remarkably successful ($17.4 million in the first week) teenage movie Bring It On ? Initial tests showed that 62 percent of its target (teens) said they would "definitely not" see a movie about cheerleading. Universal wanted to repeat the success of American Pie with the movie, but it lacked its raunchy sexual jokes and edgy content. As Universal's head of marketing stated: "With that title, we are saying, 'We are the cheerleading movie, and we know that 62 percent of you reject us, so now go find something else to do that weekend.'" Universal decided to play up the overall high school experience in the movie and changed its name to Made You Look . The movie's one-sheet marketing poster showed the cheerleaders in a traditional cheerleading position but wearing their street clothes. "We chose to shoot them as human beings." This positioning was also a failure. In reviewing the movie for marketing options, an executive noticed a somewhat buried subplot about a rivalry between the white cheerleading squad from the suburbs and a black squad from the inner city. A decision was made to rename the film Bring It On and to position it as a contest between these two squads even though it would mean substantial reshooting. This focus on the competition and the infusion of the black squad and its hip-hop culture produced huge enthusiasm among white, black, and Hispanic girls. Next an intense marketing campaign began. The studio promoted Kirsten Dunst, the star, on the cover of Maxim . Over $10 million was spent on media advertising during such teen TV favorites as "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and MTV as well as an aggressive radio campaign. Extensive grassroots marketing was done at Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera concerts. Internet efforts were focused on
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ch4 summary & vocab - How did a movie tentatively...

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