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ch2 summary & vocab - FedEx, while one of the top...

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FedEx, while one of the top express shipping companies in the region, is not nearly as well known in Latin America and the Caribbean as it is in other parts of the world. Therefore, it decided to launch an advertising campaign to build brand awareness among small and medium-sized shippers. The ad agency was challenged to create a commercial that would work across this broad region with its differing cultures and languages. In addition, it would need to be presented in English and Portuguese in addition to Spanish without looking "dubbed." (It would cost too much to shoot three or four versions of the ad.) The ad would have to capture attention and convey the message and meaning desired. The 30-second commercial shows a young equipment manager for a soccer team, the dominant sport in the region, worried about the delivery of five boxes of uniforms he had shipped to Madrid for a major match. An older man assures him that all will be fine as long as he had shipped them via FedEx, which he had not. The next scene is a soccer field where the opponents are about to attempt a penalty kick. As the camera reveals the defenders, the audience sees that they are defending the goal without their uniforms or any other clothing. The tagline for the ad is: "Let FedEx take the load off your shoulders." Two versions of the last scene were shot, the nude version and a version with the men in their underwear. The underwear version was run in Mexico due to local restrictions on nudity in prime time. According to Karine Skobinsky, manager of pan-divisional advertising for FedEx Latin America and Caribbean Division: "We wanted to choose a theme that our target could relate to. And soccer is the national pastime in most Latin American markets. The script was designed to portray a realistic situation depicted from a customer's standpoint. Of course, we added a twist at the end to keep things entertaining and memorable. The tone of the advertising
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ch2 summary & vocab - FedEx, while one of the top...

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