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ch1 summary & vocab - Marketers face exciting and...

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Marketers face exciting and daunting challenges as the forces that drive and shape consumer behavior evolve at a rapid pace. Domestic firms confront the challenges of international competition but also the opportunities of vast emerging consumer markets such as China and India. In the United States, companies are responding to increased diversity in numerous areas including expansion of the Hispanic market. Retailers face the challenges and opportunities of technology such as online shopping. Marketers and regulators struggle with tough ethical and social aspects of marketing including marketing to children. And this only scratches the surface of the subject of this book -- consumer behavior! Let's take a more indepth look at a few of these areas. Global marketing -- China's massive population, rising income, and emerging youth market make it very attractive to marketers around the world. Consider the following: Urban Chinese teens download hip-hop tunes to trendy Nokia cell phones, guzzle icy Cokes after shooting hoops in Nike shoes and munch fries at McDonald's after school. If this sounds like an American marketer's dream, you are partly right. However, there are challenges to marketing to this segment. Chinese history, values, and culture are factors that cannot be ignored. They create a unique teen market that U.S. marketers must understand and adapt to. As one marketing expert puts it: Successful advertising for youth brands carefully navigates the respect young consumers feel for their family, peer groups and country with their cautious desire to express individuality. Still, key "passion points" exist -- music, fashion, sports, and technology. These passion points are similar for teens around the globe, but U.S. companies must adapt to the Chinese culture by identifying specific trends
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ch1 summary & vocab - Marketers face exciting and...

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