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Lect. 6-1 - 2 Little or absolutely no organization 3...

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Societies of the Far West How did diversity both fundamentally define the West and become the source of conflict in Western Society? (Railroads, Mining, Farming 1. Migrations from Eastern US a. Means i. Railroads ii. Congressional Acts Encouraging Migration 1. Homestead Act, 1862 a. 160 Acres; 5 years to make it profitable 2. Timber Culture Act, 1873 a. Plus160 Acres: 40 acres plant trees i. If you plant trees where there really aren’t many, then the gov. would give u more land. 3. Desert Land Act, 1877 a. 640 Acres Cheap; Irrigate within 3 years i. Bring water to the deserts b. Pull i. Gold and Silver ii. Pasture for Sheep and Cattle 1. Lots of open range for livestock iii. Land for Farming and Ranching 1. Biggest beginning economies for U.S. 2. Western Economy & Anglo Society in the West a. Mining i. Luck business 1. find enough gold/other precious metals to make a great living 2. Eventually, corporations come in, buy land and hire workers to do the harder work ii. Boom towns 1. Areas that practically spring up overnight
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Little or absolutely no organization 3. Eventually, some become real established cities & look more like the East cities b. Cattle i. Grow your livestock, and then drive them to market for selling 1. Many of the techniques were adapted from Mexican tradition ii. Cowboys= young man who just wanted to make a bit of $ 1. Romanticized, but rough job iii. Railroads, fences, and droughts began to kill off the cattle driving business 1. Now you just open a ranch, grow your livestock and then drive them to the railroad in town. c. Agriculture i. Typically built houses of dirt, and short grass ii. Great plains were originally considered as an inhospitable, awful area to farm in. iii. Debt was the biggest problem that farmers ran into 1. caused very disgruntled farmers, who need relief from gov. iv. Large companies become some of the only people who are capable of making a good profit. 1. corporate structure takes over the west....
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