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PP04Immigration - Immigration Describe the “new”...

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Unformatted text preview: Immigration Describe the “new” immigration of the late 19th century and the nativist reaction to these immigrants. Discuss the unique characteristics of American nativism during this period and list examples of nativist efforts to restrict and limit foreign immigration to the United States. Waves of Immigration Waves of Immigration ► “Old” Immigrants ► “New” Immigrants 1815­1890 15 million NW Europe 1890­1914 15 million South and Eastern Europe Return migrations Causes of Immigration Causes of Immigration ► Industrialization ► Pull Factors ► Push Factors Work Freedoms ► Means – Improvements in Travel Population increase Commercial Agriculture and Industry Immigrants in the City Immigrants in the City ► Urban Settlement ► “Immigrant Ghettos” Monetary Limitations Access to cultural & religious institutions Rejection of rural lifestyle Chain Migrations Neighborhoods Institutions Diversity in the City Diversity in the City ► US city – Heterogeneous ► Variable Economic Success Education Racial Prejudice Ethnic institutions – pro and cons Assimilation Assimilation ► Urge to assimilate vs. ethnic identity ► Becoming “American” ► Encouraging Assimilation in US Generational differences Women’s roles Nativism Nativism ► Antebellum vs. Postbellum attitudes towards immigrants ► Anti­Catholicism ► Xenophobia Reasons for Nativism Reasons for Nativism ► Social Problems ► Numbers ► Worker Competition ► Changes in Immigrant makeup ► Return Migrations ► Difference ► Religion Nativist Justifications Nativist Justifications ► Myth of Anglo­Saxon Superiority ► Ethnicity and Race ► Eugenics Social Darwinism “Aryans” v. “primitive races” Dr. Charles Benedict Davenport, 1911 Exclusion Exclusion ► Asian Immigrants ► Immigration Restriction League ► 1897 – Literacy Bill ► 1883 Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 “Gentleman’s Agreement” of 1906 ► 20th Century – restrictions, literacy tests, quotas, Some Exclusions; Tax Increased in 1890s visas Approaches to Immigration Approaches to Immigration ► Exclusion ► Americanization ► Multiculturalism ...
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