8-1 - b. Washington Post i. Robert Woodward and Carl...

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How did the events of the 1970s bring about a “crisis of confidence” in the American people and its government? 1. Richard Nixon’s Presidency a. 1968 Election i. Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew (huge conservative lobbyist) ii. Spoke for Vietnam war success; Against Counterculture; Against Protest iii. “Silent Majority” 2. Richard Nixon’s Presidency a. Diplomacy i. Vietnam 1. Lost the war, basically due to public opinion ii. China iii. Soviet Union 1. Détente 2. Arms Reduction b. Domestic Policy (supported welfare policies) i. 1972 Reelection 1. Campaigned against George McGovern(Dem.) 3. Watergate a. July 17, 1972 i. Democratic National Committee – Watergate Office Bldg ii. “Plumbers” for Nixon 1. Stopped “leaks” of information for Nixon, so that public opinion wouldn’t be swayed by info that is revealed. iii. Committee for the Reelection of the President (CREEP) 1. Snuck into democratic offices and stole documents
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Unformatted text preview: b. Washington Post i. Robert Woodward and Carl Bernstein 4. Watergate Scandals a. Abuses of Power b. The Cover Up i. Tried to lie about the whole issue c. Watergate Tapes i. He had recorded most conversations, and those were used against him d. Resignation -1974 i. Before he could be impeached e. Spiro Agnew i. Indicted for fraud (corrupt financial deals etc) f. Gerald Ford i. Became president of US (was a very quiet period) 5. Historians and the Legacy of Watergate a. Inherent Corruption of Office i. Some said that presidents were always doing these things, Nixon was just the only person to get caught. b. Environment of 60s and 70s i. Nixon took steps beyond what a president would normally do c. Personality of Richard Nixon i. He was paranoid about his opposers, and the presidency d. Legacy of Cynicism...
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8-1 - b. Washington Post i. Robert Woodward and Carl...

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