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1-2 - i US expected attack in the Philippines because they...

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1. Road to Pearl Harbor a. Japanese Expansion in Pacific b. 1940, Tripartate Pact i. The Axis powers have each others backs c. 1941 – Indochina and Dutch East Indies d. American Ultimatum – Oil Embargo i. We were the ones who had been selling oil to Japan primarily, but now they were expanding and trying to get more spaces. e. General Hideki Tojo i. He was the new military leader of Japan, and is very heavy- handed. ii. Basically started the attack on Pearl Harbor f. Expectation of Japanese Attack
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Unformatted text preview: i. US expected attack in the Philippines, because they were the closest to Japan. In truth, they did attack off the coast of Hawaii, because they thought they could delay the war by crippling our forces. 1. Ironically, it only SPED UP the timing of war. US declared war on Japan almost immediately. 2. Pearl Harbor a. December 7, 1941 b. Bombing of American Naval Base in Hawaii c. Result – US at War...
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