2-1 - America in a World at War How did mobilization and...

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America in a World at War How did mobilization and war affect American society during the era of World War II? Don’t tell things that are written in letters, because when you do that, you are putting the lives of soldiers at risk. Warning! Our Homes are in Danger Now! Trying to get people to PROTECT the innocent of the world during this time. Rosie the Rivetter; Women are encouraged to do jobs to help support the war, and provide goods for the effort. About a 60% increase in women workforce during the war, but most of them disappeared after the war (some of them stayed).
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pooling, you were sharing a ride w/ Hitler. This promoted a lot of conservation, and reuse of materials. The soldiers were the ones who knew the meaning of sacrifice, and people at home shouldn’t be crying about what they’re having to give up. (Dorie Miller: Cook @ Pearl Harbor who took up arms and shot down multiple planes after one of the white males was shot. This was only AFTER African Amer. Press called for his recognition of heroism). African Americans had put their lives on the line for the war, in addition to the whites. In history, if a group that is oppressed puts their lives on the line, by fighting a war for their nation, they are often seen as less of a threat. 1. Wartime Tensions a. Zoot Suit Riots i. Trying to bring more Mexican-amer workers to fill jobs during the war, and they start to settle in industrial areas. b.
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2-1 - America in a World at War How did mobilization and...

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