3-1 - The Cold War Explain the meaning of the doctrine of...

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The Cold War Explain the meaning of the doctrine of containment. Discuss the ways in which the United States attempted to implement that doctrine in the two decades after World War II. Containment was the focal point of basically all political policies during this time 1. Communism v. Capitalism a. Communism i. Karl Marx (19 th century England) 1. Looking at citizens during the new capitalist system a. The workers who were just barely getting by would eventually rise up and strike against the economy leaders ii. V. I. Lenin 1. Led a communist revolution during WWI and enforced the Marxist theories to try to create a powerful Russia b. Post-WWI i. Wilsonian Vision 1. ii. Stalin’s Vision (Communism/Authoritarianism) 1. He was just about as bad as Hitler a. Killed his opponents, and also had concentration camps. b. Thought communism was the safest kind of a world c. Post-WWII i. Communism v. Capitalism (FDR & Churchill wanted to promote democracy w/in the world) 1. Also wanted to begin the UN ii. Authoritarianism v. Democracy 1. Authoritarianism was what frightened many people, because citizens were stripped of many of their individual rights (right to religion, choose your own jobs etc…) 2. Early Cold War Presidents (All were for asserting US power in the world – very strong Cold War powers.) a. Harry S. Truman (1945-1952) i. Decided to use atomic bombs in Japan to end WWII b. Dwight D. Eisenhower (1952-60) i. Military leader of D-Day (Democrat) c. John F. Kennedy (1960-63) (Democrat) i. Was very war-savvy in Cold War 3. WWII - Winning the Peace
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3-1 - The Cold War Explain the meaning of the doctrine of...

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