3-2 - 1 NSC 68 a National Security Counsel Report 1950 i...

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1. NSC - 68 a. National Security Counsel Report, 1950 i. Escalating Sense of Crisis (trying not to go to war anymore, because it could become much more devastating to humanity) 1. Atomic Diplomacy 2. Communist China b. Expansion of Containment i. We had previously wanted to protect only areas that were of vital importance to the US, but now we were going to intervene and protect everyone from communism (fighting against the ideology) c. Expansion of US Military – Quadrupling of the budget (largely responsible for economic prosperity of the nation in the 50’s. 2. Police Action in Korea (1 st area of communist spread. We were afraid that it would quickly move to China; it did.) a. Communist China - Mao Tse Tung – 1949 (China “fell” to communism) b. Divided Peninsula - 38th parallel i. Creates North and South Korea 1. N=communist 2. S=democratic c. Communist Invasion – June 1950 i. Very successful, and threatened the containment policy of US. ii. UN troops are sent in, and they manage to push the N. Korean’s back to 38 th parallel iii. UN Police Action iv. Stalemate 3. Settlement in Korea a. Containment V. Total War (should we just hold them off, or try to eliminate the threat) b. Truman V. Douglas MacArthur i. MacArthur was very aggressive - 1951 1. “there is no substitute for victory” c. China comes in to aid N. Korea when UN troops continue pushing north, and UN/US troops get pushed back to 38 th parallel. d. Negotiations for Peace (Soviet Union encouraged Korea to make peace talks drag on, because that drained $ from US) i. Demilitarized zone 1. along the 38 th parallel ii. POWs 1. Wanted our POWs released iii. All of this resulted in long peace negotiations. e.
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3-2 - 1 NSC 68 a National Security Counsel Report 1950 i...

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